The Best CAM Build For FIFA 23 Pro Clubs | DiamondLobby (2024)

A good CAM in FIFA Pro Clubs must be versatile enough to assist in offense whilst also offering a little bit of support on defense.

As well as being good with technique and positioning, a good CAM will need the correct physical attributes as well as skill point allocations to be as effective as possible.

You can prepare different CAM builds to fit your playstyles in Pro Clubs, but, in a balanced match, a great all-around CAM build can be the difference maker.

This guide will show you the best CAM build for FIFA 23 Pro Clubs. We’ll show you where to allocate your first skill points and what to focus on as you level up.

We’ll explain how you can use perks, attributes, and even physical customization in your favor.

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Best Physical Attributes

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A central attacking midfielder in Pro Clubs needs to have skills in different areas.

The CAM must have excellent vision for passes, must pull their weight on dribbles, and must communicate well with teammates.

The ideal CAM is one of the most challenging builds on FIFA since it requires versatility in attributes and perks. Still, the build can be somewhat similar to our striker build – but with a few important tweaks.

Starting with the physical traits, creating a light and agile avatar is the best approach; go for a height of 5’6” – 5’8” and keep the weight at around 121 lbs.

Best Skill Tree Attributes

First, you’ll want to allocate a good chunk of points to ‘Dribbling’, a few to ‘Short Passing’, some to ‘Shot Power’, and a pretty generous amount to ‘Acceleration’.

Because you’ll be doing lots of running backward and forwards, you should also look to increase your Stamina as early as you can.

As you evolve, continue prioritizing Pace, Passing, and Dribbling; these attributes are the ones that will help you perform to your best in the CAM role.

Let’s break down the sub-categories where you should apply your skill points as a lower-level pro with little to spend and as a higher-level pro with at least 120 skill points unlocked. Defending and Goalkeeping are irrelevant for a CAM, so we won’t be wasting any skill points in those areas.


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When you’re starting out, you want to allocate a few points (5 to 8) to acceleration to increase the speed of your pro off the mark.

Since you’ll mostly be operating in the space between the midfield and attack, it is more important to prioritize the burst of pace that acceleration offers rather than the long-distance benefits of a sprint speed boost.

When you have skill points to spare after taking care of other priorities that we’ll discuss, you can max out the acceleration and spend more on sprint speed as well.

However, if your CAM pro operates more as a shadow striker than a traditional attacking midfielder in the team that you play for, you should prioritize unlocking at least the first three levels of both acceleration and sprint speed in this category.


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For shooting, spend 3 skill points on unlocking the first two levels of the “Shot Power” sub-category. Since the Distance Shooter perk already offers a 5-star weak foot, you don’t have to spend more skill points to unlock that here.

Next, spend 9 skill points to unlock the first four levels of the “Finishing” sub-category.

If you’re a supporting striker as a mid to high-level pro, you can spend 15 more points to unlock the “Finisher” archetype. However, I would avoid doing this and focus on other areas unless you have a lot of spare skill points.


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As a CAM in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs, passing and dribbling are the most important categories of building a perfect player.

In this category, focus on spending skill points in the short-passing and long-passing sub-categories. As a lower-level pro, you can start by spending 3 skill points on each.

As you level up and earn more skill points, unlock more levels in both sub-categories to earn the “Architect” archetype. This should cost about 23 skill points in total if you follow the pattern in the example attached above.


The Best CAM Build For FIFA 23 Pro Clubs | DiamondLobby (5)

In this category, the end goal is to unlock the “Maestro” and “Lynx” archetypes and it will cost you about 41 skill points total if you follow the pattern of the attached example.

As a low-level pro, spend 8 points first in the agility tree and another 8 in the ball control tree. Then, when you level up and earn more points, you can spend them on unlocking both archetypes.

As a high-level pro, you can go further to spend 7 points in the dribbling tree as well. All of this will contribute to making your pro feel as smooth on the ball as possible, especially in combination with the body type that you’ve created.


The Best CAM Build For FIFA 23 Pro Clubs | DiamondLobby (6)

While your low center of gravity and light weight makes your pro quicker and better on the ball, it also makes it easier for defenders to bully you.

A big part of building the perfect CAM in Pro Clubs in this game is to find a way to counter that as much as possible, and spending skill points in the right areas of your physical attributes is the solution.

As a lower-level pro, you can get away with investing 8 skill points in the strength sub-category. However, when you level up and earn more skill points, you need to add on more aggression and build stamina as well.

Following the pattern of the attached example will cost you about 22 skill points.

Note that certain areas of the strength sub-category have 2/2 level unlocked. This is necessary to boost the reactions of your player. The “Reactions” stat is important in every position on the pitch and is often the difference between losing possession or winning it.

To reiterate, your skill point allocation should aim to unlock these archetypes as early as possible:

  • Maestro
  • Lynx
  • Architect

Best Perks

You won’t have all the perks you need during the early game, not even close.

First, the best perk to use first as a CAM is the “Distance Shooter” perk, which increases accuracy and power from long shots. Plus, this perk also provides you with a 5-star weak foot ability.

The next skill you should aim for is the “Skilled Dribbler.”

You’ll unlock it after a few games as you level up. Remember that you’ll only start with a single perk slot available, and you can decide between prioritizing the “Distance Shooter” or “Skilled Dribbler” according to your playstyle.

I recommend prioritizing the “Skilled Dribbler” perk and then adding “Distance Shooter” back on once you’ve unlocked a second perk slot.

The Best CAM Build For FIFA 23 Pro Clubs | DiamondLobby (7)

These two options allow you to make space and cause damage from a distance.

After unlocking the three perk slots, you can use both perks above and add the “Pinpoint Cross” perk. This setup makes for the perfect Kevin De Bruyne Pro Clubs build.

If you’re rarely in positions to swing crosses into the box for your team, the “Active First Touch” perk might be a better alternative. It offers better ball control, acceleration, and sprint speed.


In FIFA Pro Clubs, the CAM can join the offense aggressively or play more cautiously, focusing on delivering assists and passing opportunities for their team. Ensure you’re getting the gist of crosses because they’ll be vital to enhance your assists.

During the early game, I would recommend a more aggressive playstyle. You can play closer to the wingers, ensuring you’re an option during the offense. Again, your main goal here is to level up fast and have enough ball time, and scoring or assisting opportunities will get you there.

You’ll also want to be capable of running back to avoid counter-attacks, which is why allocating enough points to acceleration is essential.

By following these tips, you’ll level up faster and be able to customize your CAM build for any play style you prefer.

If you’re also curious about building a speedster that operates on the flanks, check out our Pro Clubs winger build next.

The Best CAM Build For FIFA 23 Pro Clubs | DiamondLobby (2024)
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