Outlander: Does Stephen Bonnet die in Outlander? (2024)

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OUTLANDER season 5 aired its most shocking episode this week as the Starz series upped the ante another notch. Many viewers have been asking about villain Stephen Bonnet and if he dies in the show.

By Neela Debnath

Outlander: Roger Wakefield plans to kill Bonnet in teaser

Starz seriesOutlandersaw the fruits of its labour coming to bear this week. Evil Stephen Bonnet (played by Ed Speleers) became a huge threat this week as he tried to take away baby Jeremiah from Brianna MacKenzie (Sophie Skelton). But what happened to the antagonist and did he pay for his crimes?


    Does Stephen Bonnet die in Outlander?

    WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Outlander season 5, episode 10 and Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books

    The short answer is yes, Bonnet finally met his maker after evading death so many times in the past.

    Bonnet dodged the hangman’s noose twice in season four, but he was served his just desserts in the latest instalment of Outlander titled Mercy Shall Follow Me.

    After kidnapping Brianna and attempting to sell her off into sexual slavery, Bonnet was caught and sentenced to death.

    The evil pirate and smuggler was hoping to form a family with Brianna and baby Jemmy, whom he claimed as his own son as well as scheming to steal Jocasta Cameron’s (Marie Kennedy Doyle) fortune.

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    Outlander: Does Stephen Bonnet die in Outlander? (2)

    Outlander: Stephen Bonnet finally met his maker (Image: STARZ)

    Outlander: Does Stephen Bonnet die in Outlander? (3)

    Outlander: Stephen Bonnet met a brutal end (Image: STARZ)


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    But this plan ultimately failed and he was apprehended by Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and faced trial for his heinous crimes.

    In the end, he was sentenced to death by drowning, which was also revealed to be his deepest fear and left him suffering terrible nightmares.

    His death sentence seemed apt but before he could drown, Brianna shot him in the head.

    However, it was ambiguous whether it was an act of mercy or because she wanted to make sure he was dead – something which Roger MacKenzie (Richard Rankin) posed to her.

    Bonnet died in a similar manner in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander novels after abducting Brianna.

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    Outlander: Does Stephen Bonnet die in Outlander? (5)

    Outlander: Stephen Bonnet was killed by Brianna MacKenzie (Image: STARZ)

    Outlander: Does Stephen Bonnet die in Outlander? (6)

    Outlander: Brianna MacKenzie was kidnapped by Stephen Bonnet (Image: STARZ)

    The storyline appears to have been sped up quite a lot to fit within the show and happened over the course of an episode.

    Speaking to Collier about leaving Outlander, star Speleers said he knew his character was going to get the chop at some point.

    He explained to the publication: “I felt that this was probably the right time, but it maybe felt a bit premature to start with.

    “I guess from a creative point of view, at least the exit strategy was well-written.

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    “I feel that the script for that final episode was a meaty one, was a good one in terms of the writing and so it was a good opportunity to maybe get the chance to say the things that he’d always wanted to say.”

    Mercy Shall Follow Me saw a different side to Bonnet as the pirate related his tragic past.

    The character went through a full range of emotions and showed different facets of his personality before coming back to the ruthless villain fans knew him to be.

    Speleers said it was “difficult” but admitted he loved the “challenge” of conveying these differing shades of Bonnet.

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    The Downton Abbey star explained: “I’ve had plenty of jobs where I haven’t had the opportunity to try and get my teeth into something and express it in a way I might want to.

    “And I feel that actually, we’ve seen him be the character before, where he’s bounced around the emotion chart and maybe it’s been leaning more on one side, and maybe on this occasion actually we saw – I’ve not seen the episode, but based on what the writing was and what I think happened on the day – you feel it was certainly an opportunity to show some of these other facets that we’ve not seen in him before.”

    He continued: “As an actor, that’s what I’m craving to do.

    “I enjoy working and I enjoy trying to get my head around how these people – how any human works and how this particular person – what makes him tick and what makes him respond in a way of what actually is going on beneath all the exterior … but there’s got to be a core within there that is perhaps hurting.”

    The star added: “He’s a human at the end of the day, so I want to get into that root.”

    Outlander airs on Starz on Sundays and on Amazon Prime on Mondays

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