G-Dragon Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend and Wife in Real Life (2024)

Who is G dragon girlfriend and ex lovers in real life?

Is he married?

Who is his wife?

G Dragon never reveals his girlfriend in the media. Previously, G Dragon shared on MBC’s “Radio Star” that: “It is a personal preference. I will not admit it unless my girlfriend wants. I believe she’ll be affected more because I’m a celebrity. The public has the right to know, but I have no obligation to let them know.”

Despite claiming so, G Dragon still leaves hints and evidence that he is dating and has an unclear relationship.

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1 G Dragon Girlfriend and Dating Rumors

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1.6 Nana Komatsu

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1.8 Kiko Mizuhara

1.9 Ahn So Hee

2 Is G Dragon married?

3 Who is G Dragon Wife?

4 G Dragon Ideal Type

5 Love life Bio Summary

G Dragon Girlfriend and Dating Rumors

G-Dragon Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend and Wife in Real Life (1)

It can be confirmed that the current girlfriend of G Dragon is Jennie (Blackpink). Although YG Entertainment said they did not confirm anything about the artist’s personal life, Dispatch has announced the dating of Jennie and G Dragon.

Up to now, Dispatch has only revealed G Dragon’s 3 official girlfriends: Kiko, Lee Joo Yeon, and Jennie. But the number of his rumored girlfriends is even more than that.

Jennie Kim

G-Dragon Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend and Wife in Real Life (2)

On February 24, 2021, Dispatch shocked the public by revealing the dating news between G-Dragon (Big Bang) and Jennie (BlackPink). Not only with the same company, but this couple is also the most famous idol in Kpop, having a great influence on music and fashion.


G-Dragon Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend and Wife in Real Life (3)

Referring to G-Dragon’s “rumor girlfriend,” Dara definitely can’t be ignored. In the past, both of them had many love combinations on stage. The leader of Big Bang did not hesitate to kiss Dara from the same company on television. At the beginning of 2017, the clip G-Dragon kindly protected, helping Dara get rid of the crowd of fans surrounded in Big Bang’s concert, causing the arising rumor. However, fans were also disappointed when Dara stated that she only treats G-Dragon as a brother and has no special feelings.

Goo Hara

G-Dragon Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend and Wife in Real Life (4)

In 2017, the photo of 4 stars G-Dragon, Gain (Brown Eyed Girls), Sulli, and Hara (former member of KARA) caught the attention of the online community. Although all 4 wore masks and covered their faces when taking photos, it was not difficult for fans to recognize these were popular idol group members.

Simultaneously, a rumor that has just been “blown” by netizens is the dating between G-Dragon and Hara. The reason is that Sulli has a boyfriend Choiza, Gain is also passionate about actor Joo Ji Hoon. Therefore, the other two characters quickly caught the eye of netizens when they were found out together.

However, Goo Hara’s agency – Keyeast, stated, “ Hara, G-Dragon, Suli, and Ga-in go out together because they are friends. Dating rumors are not accurate. ”


G-Dragon Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend and Wife in Real Life (5)

Starting from the rumor circulating in the Korean online community – Pann from October 2015, the two perfectly talented leaders G-Dragon (Big Bang) and Taeyeon (SNSD), repeatedly became the focus netizens showed evidence of dating. Some convincing information, but most of it is speculation and comparison gathered by fans supporting this couple.

However, on October 29, 2015, the management companies of SNSD and Big Bang clarified: “The rumor that the two are dating is an unbelievable story. This is unbelievable news ”.


G-Dragon Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend and Wife in Real Life (6)

On October 31, 2018, a clip recording the intimate moments of G-Dragon and Jooyeon was automatically shared by an application that raised dating suspicions. At that time, the two kept quiet, but the observant fans saw many hints that the couple’s relationship was above the normal friendship level when they often “accidentally” checked-in at the same place. Since then, Jooyeon is, of course, considered G-Dragon’s rumored girlfriend.

Early on the morning of January 1, Dispatch “opened up” New Year’s dating news with a series of dating photos of G-Dragon and Jooyeon. It is known that the couple secretly went to the beautiful Jeju island for a vacation for 4 days 3 nights.

Also, the Jooyeon was caught driving to G-Dragon’s house, and the two enjoying a romantic date at G Dragon’s house. The photos shown by the fans were also confirmed by Dispatch to be reliable evidence of dating. Representatives of the two sides of the company both spoke up to confirm the information with these two main characters, but for sure, both of them are hard to deny this one.

Nana Komatsu

G-Dragon Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend and Wife in Real Life (7)

In May 2016, the social network spread the news that G-Dragon was dating Japanese actress Nana Komatsu. Nana Komatsu was born in 1996, is considered one of the screen and fashion muses in the land of the rising sun. The two collaborated to take pictures for a Japanese magazine.

When the rumors first broke, G-Dragon denied that he was dating Nana Komatsu. However, four months later, the male rapper accidentally revealed his secret Instagram account, including many love photos with the Japanese actress.

G-Dragon posted many close-up photos of Nana Komatsu, moments of affection, or scenes of the two going out to eat with friends in the secret account. Taeyang – a member of Big Bang – commented under the photo: “You should write a new love song, then name it ‘The two of you are in love.'”


G-Dragon Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend and Wife in Real Life (8)

In March 2017, G-Dragon and Sulli’s dating rumors made the entertainment industry rise. Specifically, the two were caught playing at an amusem*nt park with close friends, including Goo Hara, Gain (Brown Eyed Girls). After that, the fans showed the couple rings of these celebrities.

Soon after, YG’s representative denied, “This is a false rumor, and it’s ridiculous. G-Dragon laughed because the rumor was foolish. Recently there has been directly related to G-Dragon and Sulli, so we confirmed it directly with him. G-Dragon said that this rumor is really ridiculous. Both of them are wearing the ring in the photo is a gift a mutual acquaintance of both gave them “.

Kiko Mizuhara

G-Dragon Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend and Wife in Real Life (9)

In mid-2009, G-Dragon was questioned about dating a Japanese model, Kiko Mizuhara, when Big Bang expanded its operating market to the land of mourning. The couple often appears together at a place, and mutual friends “accidentally” share the images. This time, YG denied the rumors, asserting that G-Dragon and Kiko were only close friends. Not long after that, Kiko Mizuhara also denied the rumor.

It wasn’t until 2014 that this relationship gradually came to light. Kiko unexpectedly appeared at G-Dragon’s birthday party before Dispatch released a series of loving love photos at a bar, so the couple had just stopped denying.

At that time, YG’s representative said it would carry out the confirmation with two stars before making the official announcement. And, of course, there was no announcement here until the couple broke up in 2015.

Ahn So Hee

G-Dragon Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend and Wife in Real Life (10)

In 2008, when Big Bang and Wonder Girls often had many opportunities to stand on the same stage, dating rumors of G-Dragon and Sohee began to rise in the online community. Some witnesses also claimed to have seen the couple holding hands in backstage and dating outside but gave no evidence. The Chinese media also discovered that the Sohee laptop used has many similarities with the gift from fans to G Dragon.

Is G Dragon married?

G-Dragon Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend and Wife in Real Life (11)

The story of G Dragon getting married is just a rumor and expectation from his fans. Sometimes the articles only report rumors of G Dragon’s marriage to draw attention from the public. However, there is no official announcement mentioning G Dragon’s marriage.

Who is G Dragon Wife?

G-Dragon Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend and Wife in Real Life (12)

There has not been any information to confirm that G Dragon’s marriage and the fact that he is married, although he has shared that he wants to get married soon.

G Dragon Ideal Type

G-Dragon Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend and Wife in Real Life (13)

The last time when G Dragon shared about his ideal type, he revealed: “The important thing is that I feel comfortable with her. In the past, I used to think about the ideal type of girlfriend. I think of her with detailed traits like she must have short hair and a tomboy style. But for now, I need it to be the girl that makes me feel good and doesn’t pretend when I’m with her “.

Love life Bio Summary

GirlfriendJennie Kim (rumored)
Marital StatusUnmarried

That’s all about G-Dragon love life, we hope he finds a suitable partner soon!. Read also Lee Jong-suk Girlfriend.

G-Dragon Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend and Wife in Real Life (2024)
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