FIFA 23: Best Young Attacking Midfielders (CAM) to Sign (2024)

Looking for the best young central attacking midfielders to sign on FIFA 23? Take a look at our list of the most talented young CAMs.

Football has evolved. In today’s modern game, there are more and more sides that are defensively sound. With an ever-increasing onus on defensive structure and shape, it’s become imperative for teams to have a player that can unlock defences and produce something special. A player who sees the game happening three moves ahead.

Choosing FIFA 23 Career Mode’s best young attacking midfielders (CAM)

Football is all about goals but without a skilled CAM on your squad, scoring goals is difficult. Finding that explosive playmaker or player that can thread a pass can be pricey. This article breaks down some of the best young midfielders you could look to buy in FIFA 23’s Career Mode.

The below list of attacking midfielders have all been specifically chosen due to their overall ratings on FIFA 23 as well as the fact they are all under 23.

At the bottom of the article, you’ll find a full list of all of the best young attacking midfielders (CAM) in FIFA 23.

Florian Wirtz (82 OVR – 91 POT)

Team: Bayer Leverkusen
Age: 19
Wage: £37,000 p/w
Value: £69.2 million
Best Attributes: x3 (88 Ball Control, 86 Dribbling, 85 Vision)

FIFA 23: Best Young Attacking Midfielders (CAM) to Sign (1)

Florian Wirtz has taken the football world by storm and is one of the hottest prospects in FIFA 23. Wirtz has everything you would expect from an attacking midfielder and his attributes make him one of the most exciting young prospects in the game.

An attacking midfielder’s main aim is to create, and Wirtz’s 88 ball control attribute certainly enables him to do that. Dynamic with the ball at his feet, Wirtz can make space for himself and his teammates, thanks to his excellent 86 dribbling attribute. Having an eye for a pass is also crucial for any attacking midfielder and Wirtz’s vision of 88 can see him unlock even the meanest of defences.

Wirtz currently plies his trade for German side Bayer Leverkusen but is widely tipped to make a move to one of Europe’s biggest clubs next summer.

Adam Hlozek (77 OVR – 86 POT)

FIFA 23: Best Young Attacking Midfielders (CAM) to Sign (2)

Team: Bayer Leverkusen
Age: 19
Wage: £25,600 p/w
Value: £14.5 million
Best Attributes: x3 (84 Strength, Composure 78, Ball Control 79)

It almost doesn’t seem fair that Bayer Leverkusen have both Florian Wirtz and Adam Hlozek in their team. Hlozek has emerged as one of the game’s most promising youngsters and has already amassed numerous caps for the Czech Republic.

Different in size and stature to Wirtz, Hlozek brings a range of skills that help set him apart. It is crucial for someone in his position to carry the ball from midfield to the attackers and with a strength rating of 84 Hlozek certainly won’t be shifted or knocked off the ball easily.

In a tight and cagey game, it’s essential that attacking midfielders keep calm and composed and Hlozek’s composure attribute of 78 will ensure that even in the game’s tightest moments, he should be able to find that perfect pass. Hlozek’s ball control ability of 79 should allow him to keep any of your teams attacking moves flowing with ease.

Harvey Elliot (73 OVR – 87 POT)

FIFA 23: Best Young Attacking Midfielders (CAM) to Sign (3)

Team: Liverpool
Age: 20
Wage: £43,000 p/w
Value: £20 million
Best Attributes: 87 Balance, 87 Agility, 79 Acceleration

Ever since he made his breakthrough for Fulham when he was just 15, the future has always looked bright for Harvey Elliot. Now a regular for Liverpool, he could be one of the best value young attacking midfielders you could look to sign in FIFA 23.

Elliot is one of the smaller midfielders on our list, but what he lacks in stature he certainly makes up for with his ball playing abilities. Elliot is incredibly hard to shift off the ball and when in full flight, his balance attributes of 87 make him a fantastic dribbling option.

Being elusive around an opponent’s penalty box is a must for any attacking midfielder and Elliot ranks amongst the game’s best with his 87 agility rating. Although not the speediest player in the game, his acceleration stats of 79 can enable him to speed past some of the game’s quickest defenders.

Elliot looks to be one of England’s greatest talents and could be a great value option for your team.

Thiago Almada (76 OVR – 87 POT)

FIFA 23: Best Young Attacking Midfielders (CAM) to Sign (4)

Team: Atlanta United
Age: 21
Wage: £6,000 p/w
Value: £15 million
Best Attributes: 93 Balance, 92 Agility, 90 Acceleration

Thiago Almada might be one of the lesser known names on our list but could be one of the better value players in our list of central attacking midfielders.

One of the best young athletes in the game, Almada is an attacking midfielder with a difference. Whereas some of the players on our list are great with the ball at their feet, Almada’s physical skills allow him to stretch any defence.

Certainly no slouch with the ball, his balance of 93 unequivocally stands out from the crowd. With pace to burn, his agility stat of 92 and acceleration stat of 90 makes him a hugely viable option for any team looking to counter.

Dominik Szoboszlai (79 OVR – 87 POT)

FIFA 23: Best Young Attacking Midfielders (CAM) to Sign (5)

Team: RB Leipzig
Age: 22
Wage: £40,000 p/w
Value: £36 million
Best Attributes: 90 Curve, 87 Shot Power, 87 Long Shots

For any avid FIFA player throughout the years, Dominik Szoboszlai has been a name that most will be familiar with. Billed as a generational talent, a host of top European clubs were after the young Hungarian’s signature before he signed with RB Leipzig a few seasons ago.

Szoboszlai has already made his mark at European and international level and it won’t be a surprise to see him make a move to one of Europe’s elite clubs in the not-too-distant future.

A key component of any attacking midfielder is their ability to score goals and Szoboszlai is arguably the greatest player on our list to do just that. A deadly free kick taker, Szoboszlai’s curve attribute of 90 means that he can be an effective set piece taker no matter the distance.

Demonstrating his terrific eye for goal, his long shot and shot power stats of 87 can often mean that he can create a goal out of nothing. A deadly shooter, Szoboszlai would be a terrific goal scoring addition to any team.

Abdul Fatawu Issahaku (67 OVR – 85 POT)

FIFA 23: Best Young Attacking Midfielders (CAM) to Sign (6)

Team: Sporting Lisbon
Age: 18
Wage: £2,600 p/w
Value: £3 million
Best Attributes: 86 Balance, 86 Agility, 84 Acceleration

When it comes to finding a raw project to work with there is arguably no greater talent to work with than Sporting Lisbon’s Abdul Fatawu Issahaku.

At just 18 years of age, the Ghanaian’s strength certainly is in his physical attributes. Like others on this list, Issahaku is a gifted athlete and with the ball at his feet, his balance statistic of 86 indicates what a superb dribbler of the ball he currently is.

Issahaku can combine exceptional agility and acceleration which can make him a real handful when dribbling at opposition defences. He could be a fantastic option if you have a defensive side that is looking to break at speed.

Fabio Carvalho (73 OVR – 86 POT)

FIFA 23: Best Young Attacking Midfielders (CAM) to Sign (7)

Team: Liverpool
Age: 19
Wage: £36,000 p/w
Value: £8.8 million
Best Attributes: 86 Balance, 82 Agility, 80 Acceleration

Fabio Carvalho is the second Liverpool player on our list. Having made the move from Fulham earlier this summer. Carvalho arrived at Anfield as one of the most highly touted youngsters in the game and the young Englishman has certainly made his mark during his short time with the Merseyside club.

Carvalho’s ability with the ball at his feet has wowed crowds up and down the land. He has an uncanny ability to keep the ball close to his feet when moving at speed and his 86 balance attribute makes him a nightmare for any defensive player.

Shifty offensively, his agility stat of 82 and acceleration stat of 80 will make him a force anywhere across the attacking line. Carvalho looks to be a star and he could be a superb player for your team.

The best central attacking midfielders in FIFA 23

The table below is a list of the best young central attacking midfielders in FIFA 23.

Florian Wirtz839119CAM CMBayer Leverkusen£69.2M£37K
Martin Ødegaard858923CAM CMArsenal£68.4M£101.5K
Adam Hložek778619ST CAM LMBayer Leverkusen£14.5M£25.6K
Jamal Musiala849220CAM LM CMBayern Munich£80M£45K
Kai Lukas Havertz838923CAM RW STChelsea£50M£106K
Harvey Elliot738720CAM CM RWLiverpool£20M£43K
Dominik Szoboszla798722CAM LMRB Leipzig£36M£40K
Thiago Almada768721CAM CM CFAtlanta United£15M£6K
Abdul Fatawu Issahaku678519CAM LWSporting CP£3M£2.6K
Fabio Carvalho738619CAM CM LMLiverpool£8.8M£36K
Bryan Gil778322CAM LW RWTottenham£15M£54.7K
Khvicha Kvaratskhelia819022LW CAMNapoli£51M£46.8K
Brahim Diaz788323CAM RWReal Madrid£19M£97K
Jesper Lindstrøm778323CAM RMEintracht Frankfurt£15M£22K
Giovanni Reyna788620RM CAM LMBorussia Dortmund£27M£22K

If you need to strengthen your midfield even more, you can check out our list of thefastest midfielders in FIFA 23.

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FIFA 23: Best Young Attacking Midfielders (CAM) to Sign (2024)
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