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JMCostco Coupon Book May 2024 (2)by Johan MengeshaMay 09, 2024

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The latest May Costco Coupon Book is here, and we’ve got a list of all the savings and sales from the Costco ads in one place!The latest members-only deals are valid from May 15, 2024, through June 9, 2024,and many of the specials in the coupon book below are also offered both in-warehouseandonline for members.

Score big savings on furniture and popular electronics, and don’t forget to get your summer shopping done early as well. From supplements to detergent and cleaning products, this May Costco coupon book is worth a look to see just how much you can save before you start shopping at your local Costco or online.

We added the current coupon book below to see all the deals in one place before you even reach your local Costco store. In addition to the latest Costco ad listed for your convenience (below), you can always find thetop deals on Slickdeals, as voted on by the community. Here’s small sample!

  • Costco Members: 2x Columbia Men’s Long Sleeve Raglan Tee $13.98 See Deal
  • Costco Members: 2x Urban Star Men’s Stretch Jean $15.98 See Deal
  • Costco Members: Hurley Men’s Performance Polo (Various) $14 + Free Shipping See Deal
  • Costco – $75 Subway gift cards (5 x $15 each) for $54.99 from 5/13/24 to 5/19/24 See Deal
  • $139.00 – Sunday Golf Pacific Stand Bag with Cooler Bag� | Costco See Deal
  • Kirkland Signature Men’s Polo 2 for $13.98 (blue, grey, mint) after $10 saving See Deal

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Shop and Save with Costco Online on Top In-Store Savings and Deals for May

Costco members can also save big while shopping from the comfort of their sofa or while on the go with a huge selection of online deals updated monthly. Also, check out the most recent andcurrent Costco online-only deals.

How to Find the Best Costco Savings

Whether you’re shopping online or in the store, setting up a Deal Alert is the best way to get notified or discover the best Costco discounts along with other brands or items. If a new sale or item is being sold in the price range you select, you’ll receive an automatic email directly to your inbox about the newly posted deal which has been vetted and approved by our community of users. And keep in mind you get free shipping on online orders of $75 or more as a Costco member.

Set a Costco Deal Alert Now

Ways to Save Even More Money at Costco

Costco is known for great deals on bulk items, but it can be challenging to immediately save money when buying in large quantities. We’ve uncovered a few unexpected secrets to saving money at Costco during your next shopping trip. Get more tips in ourBest Items to Buy at Costco Shopping Guide.

Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi

If you belong to Costco, the Costco Anywhere Visais a must. It pays you 4% back on gas purchases worldwide up to $7,000 in annual purchases, 3% back on restaurant and eligible travel purchases, 2% back at Costco and and 1% everywhere else. The Costco Anywhere Visa has no annual fee, but you have to be a Costco member to sign up.

>>> All About the Costco Anywhere Visa Card: 4% Back on Gas and No Annual Fee

If not a member yet,join Costco nowto take advantage of these great discounts and more, both in-store and online. Or, consider joiningSam’s Clubwhere low-cost annual or even‘free’ membership dealsare regularly offered. If you’re new to Costco you might be surprised that there actually aren’t any Costco coupons that you need to enter anywhere. All discounts have already been applied to the listed price and you can find them all in this coupon book, so need to hunt for a coupon code.

Skip to See Costco Coupon Book For April 2024

As we previously mentioned, the Costco coupon book lists “everyday low price” items as “your cost,” which is calculated by taking the featured May 2024 Coupon Book “instant savings” amount off the warehouse price to show the final sale price for the current month. After the current coupon book is expired, check back here as we upload the new ad preview as soon as it’s available, which is usually a few days before the offers go live. Make sure to also check the latest Slickdeals posts on Costco where our community of 12 million deal hunters comments on all Costco deals and savings.

Costco May 2024 Coupon Book Specials and Prices (Valid May 15, 2024 – June 9, 2024)

h/t to our Slickdeals community for alerting us so quickly to the latest Costco Coupon Book.

More Costco Member Deals

Costco’s Executive and Gold Star Memberships

Don’t forget that if you’re a loyal Costco customer who spends at least $230 per month over the course of a year, it would benefit you to sign up for Costco’s Executive Membership — the year-end reward certificate (2% back on purchases) basically pays for your membership fee. If you’re a less frequent Costco shopper you can opt for the Gold Star Membership instead. It’s only $60 a year and you can use it at any Costco Wholesale club in the world. The Costco membership is also fully refundable if you’re not satisfied with it, so there’s not much to lose. Several times throughout the year we also see new membership deals from Costco where you can get a one-year Gold Star Membership plus a $20 Costco cash card and an online coupon for $25 off $250 or more at That’s a great deal!

The Costco App

Plus, Costco has introduced a digital card membership through the Costco app to make your life even easier, especially if you ever forget your shop card at home. It looks like it works on basically everything except gas stations, so now all you need to do is flash the app when you walk into a Costco store and you’re good to go.

Meal Deals at the Costco Food Court

And let’s not forget the steal that is the Costco food court. You can get a big meal for only a few bucks. The Costco hot dog and soda combo for $1.50 (the price is unchanged since 1985) is hard to beat, and the pizza is a perfect snack as you exit the store after having spent way too much money and time in there. For other Costco coupons, promo codes, deals and offers, check out the Costco coupons page on Slickdeals, or visit the Warehouse Savings section on Costco’s website for all active member-only savings (Note: the next round of savings should drop again soon, so make sure to set a Deal Alert.

Ready to save even more? Set up a customDeal Alertand we’ll notify you whenever a new discount or sale hits our forums. Additionally, be sure to browse theCostco Promo Codes and Coupon pagefor all the current ways to save at Costco.

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JMCostco Coupon Book May 2024 (22)

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