100 days after buddhist funeral - Harmony Funeral Care (2024)

After the Buddhist Funeral has been completed, there are some traditions to be observed by the bereaved family members for the entire mourning period. Here, we will list down some of the customs to follow but how thorough to follow them would depend on yourself, on how much you want to adhere to these customs.

Most of these age-old traditions have been simplified with time to accommodate to the modern world. It used to be that the mourning period was 3 years but it has been shortened to only 100 days in today's society due to practical reasons.

  • Avoid attending auspicious events like weddings, baby showers for the first 100 days after death.
  • If possible, avoid going on holidays as well. As this period is termed the "mourning period", the filial thing to do would be to stay home to mourn.
  • In the past, mourning attire (white shirts and black/blue pants) would be worn for 100 days. This has been replaced to wearing the badges (孝) for the entire duration of the funeral wake.
  • Do not have your hair cut during this 100 days of mourning period.
  • If you plan to marry, either marry within this 100 days or 3 years after the death.
  • Refrain from pasting celebratory red decals in your homes for a year.
100 days after buddhist funeral - Harmony Funeral Care (2024)
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